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IT Outsourcing Opportunity Assessment

Get a comprehensive, value-based analysis of your legacy IT environment.
You’re either outsourced or you’re not — and we help with both!

The reality is not every company is outsourcing. Windsor Group works with companies who are currently outsourced and those who are not outsourced — yet. We stress the benefits of regular IT outsourcing assessments to scrutinize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your IT environment.

Our distinctive approach is grounded in a comprehensive analysis of your IT service baseline to reveal opportunities for significant improvements. By aligning your organizational needs with industry best practices, our team delivers tailored, unbiased IT outsourcing assessments and provides expert consultation on current and potential IT vendors and services to yield substantial cost savings and service augmentation.

Whether it validates a legacy provider’s diligence or results in a request for proposal (RFP), a Windsor Group opportunity assessment is a win-win for your organization.

Marketplace Comparison

We start by analyzing your IT service baseline and comparing it with industry best practices. This methodical examination is crucial in identifying potential service enhancements and cost optimization. We also provide proof of value, which is essential for an informed vendor selection.

  • Comprehensive IT service baseline analysis
  • Detailed industry best practice comparisons
  • Proof of value documentation for vendor selection

IT Service And Vendor Assessment & Consultation

A Windsor Group assessment goes beyond conventional SWOT analysis. We scrutinize potential vendors against the established baseline, concentrating on service capabilities, geographical presence, cost, and cultural fit. This process ensures our recommendations are not only practical but also optimal for your specific needs.

  • Thorough vendor comparisons against baseline metrics
  • Evaluations of service capabilities, cost, and cultural fit
  • Facilitation of vendor workshops and solution presentations

Vendor Validation

After identifying the top vendors, Windsor Group conducts in-depth validation workshops with our clients. These focused sessions fine-tune the proposed solutions and align them with your strategic objectives. We also present a total cost of ownership (TCO) estimate and a business case with our IT outsourcing assessments to underscore the value of these opportunities.

  • Targeted vendor validation workshops
  • Solution refinement to align with strategic objectives
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) estimates and business case development

The Windsor Group Advantage

Windsor Group’s IT outsourcing opportunity assessment team offers invaluable insights into prospective opportunities and their tangible business value. With detailed reporting and proven processes, we qualify and quantify the benefits to illuminate a clear path for better decision-making that amplifies the ROI on your IT investments.

  • Service opportunity presentation
  • Vendor validation workshops
  • TCO assessment
  • ROI analysis
  • Business case development
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