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A Partnership Unlike Any Other

Working with the Windsor Group is unlike any other sourcing relationship. Where other sourcing consultants may be rigid in their processes, biased towards a single vendor approach and focused on signing a SOW for their own bottom line, Windsor Group’s unique business model and selective, tailored approach mean our client’s needs are always put first.

The sourcing consultants at the Windsor Group prioritize cultural, strategic, and organizational fit to ensure our clients achieve ongoing business success through the right partnerships. As pioneers of the pay-for-performance IT sourcing engagement model, clients receive advice from our sourcing consultants knowing that our unique success-fee structure will deliver the most valuable partnership possible.

WG Forward

Our Methodology
Developed and refined over 35 years, the WG Forward approach to sourcing allows us to thoroughly define and select the best fit IT solutions in rapid timelines.

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Rigid processes and vendor biases mean many organizations end up with a vendor unsuited to their needs when outsourcing through a large consultancy. Not so with Windsor Group. As independent sourcing consultants and advisors, Windsor Group is guided by the right fit for the client, not by a standard M.O.
Cost-savings and business improvements are always important factors in outsourcing, but there are many elements that impact the relationship. Windsor Group prioritizes strategic and cultural fit when matching clients with vendors, ensuring greater savings and improved value in the short- and long-term with our pay-for-performance IT sourcing model.
Direct Expertise
Large outsourcing consultancies can have many layers of bureaucracy, resulting in less than optimal outcomes. At Windsor Group, our highly experienced leadership team of sourcing consultants are hands-on throughout the process, actively guiding clients through the entire sourcing journey from start-to-finish.
Outsourcing has a big impact on business, which is why Windsor Group is always driven by data. We believe in and adhere to an evidence-led approach, giving clients the insight they need to make the right choices for their business.


The sourcing consultants at the Windsor Group keep great company with many leading associations.