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Strategic Sourcing Consultant

Optimizing Strategic Sourcing Decisions

Determining the viability of IT sourcing is no simple task. With rapid advancements in technology driving the need for agile and business-integrated IT functions, identifying the right sourcing opportunities that align with strategic organizational goals can feel overwhelming.

At Windsor Group, our strategic sourcing consultants work closely with our clients to address these complex business challenges. Leveraging our highly honed experience, our IT advisory firm guides our clients through the entire sourcing lifecycle to achieve optimal sourcing decisions in swift timelines. Through our proven approach, we thoroughly understand each client’s unique objectives, challenges, and culture, then collaborate with industry-leading IT service providers to deliver custom strategic solutions.

The tailored recommendations from our strategic sourcing consultants address short-term tactical needs and long-term strategic goals, giving IT functions the power they need to achieve agility, move at market speed, and drive business transformation.

WG Forward

Our Methodology
Developed and refined over 35 years, the WG Forward approach to sourcing allows us to thoroughly define and select the best fit IT solutions in rapid timelines. Propelled by our strategic sourcing consultants’ extensive experience and close relationships with leading IT industry service providers, the proven methodology of our IT advisory firm enables us to define the unique path to IT operational transformation for each client. This is achieved through our highly iterative approach of Collect, Analyze, Select.


We start by understanding each client’s unique business objectives and challenges. Our strategic sourcing consultants collect readily available data—including organizational, technical and financial—to develop a service and cost baseline. This data-driven baseline enables us to define the high impact opportunities that will reduce costs and improve service delivery.


We build customized executive dashboards showing IT service cost and output, including service levels, unit costs, staffing levels, and productivity metrics. This comprehensive profile is used to identify opportunities for savings and enhancements. Once opportunities are identified, we evaluate marketplace service options and vet suppliers based on their services capability, geography, cost, and cultural fit. We then present our initial solutions and pricing for further validation.


After consulting closely with our clients, our IT advisory firm conducts validation workshops with shortlisted vendors and begin refining the solution design. Once the best-fit vendor is selected, Windsor Group further supports the sourcing journey by advising on MSA and SOW development. We then create a transition plan, guiding and supporting clients through to final contract signature.
What We Deliver
The direct, collaborative approach of our strategic sourcing consultants ensures clients have everything they need for organizational alignment.

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