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Healthcare IT Outsourcing

Driving Efficiency, Security, and Stability for Healthcare Teams and the Patients They Serve

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Addressing Existing Challenges and Persistent Pressures

Healthcare providers are facing greater challenges than ever before as greater regulatory scrutiny, declines in reimbursement, and new technologies continue to disrupt the industry.

How CIOs respond to these challenges will affect care delivery at all levels. Healthcare IT outsourcing experts from Windsor Group can help. It’s imperative that leaders focused on healthcare technology and infrastructure:

  • Invest in the right technologies
  • Secure the right talent, whether internal or external (outsourced)
  • Develop new patient-centric care models
  • Implement strategies to reduce the cost of healthcare through increased IT efficiency
  • Improve interoperability

Each of these focus areas will directly impact not only organizational profitability and competitive advantage, but also patient care delivery, data security, and team member efficiencies.

Why Windsor Group?

Our experience in the healthcare industry allows our clients to find a sourcing solution that not only drives down expenses, but advances the business-IT partnership.

Whether it’s evaluating new automation technologies or determining an off-premise strategy, Windsor Group’s unique approach in strategic IT and infrastructure planning ensures healthcare organizations can achieve the operational efficiencies, scalability, and speed they need to help their business.

What do our healthcare clients have to say about working with the Windsor Group?

“We run a lean shop, but are always challenged for ways to do more and pay less. The Windsor Group analyzed our IT operations, went out to the market, and came back with solutions that made sense for us. They were right on target.”

Healthcare CIO

Redesigning IT Infrastructure for Scalability, Cost Reductions, and New Growth

When a fast-growing, publicly traded healthcare services company experienced dramatic growth in revenue, they deployed IT systems and equipment as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this resulted in a large and inefficient infrastructure, as well as an unsustainable cost model.

The organization came to Windsor Group's healthcare IT outsourcing experts to identify a more sustainable and strategic IT infrastructure that could support new growth.

How Windsor Group helped

Through Windsor Group's proven process of healthcare IT outsourcing and strategic IT and infrastructure planning, we:

  • Helped the client completely redesign their IT infrastructure cost model
  • Aligned them with new partners that leveraged their existing equipment
  • Helped them move to on-demand cloud-based IT services
The result? The client was able to reduce costs with a more scalable and agile infrastructure, allowing them to react faster to new growth opportunities.

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