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Addressing Constant Challenges and Regulatory Constraints

Insurance providers constantly face new challenges, which are compounded by stringent regulatory requirements. From an IT services perspective, relying on internal resources to manage and perform these key services can be labor-intensive. By shifting responsibilities to external service providers, insurance organizations can focus on strategic initiatives to drive their business forward while delivering the same standard of service — if not better.

Managing Change and Mounting Pressure

Although powered by legacy technologies, today’s insurance industry is experiencing significant changes fueled by evolving customer preferences and innovative new technologies. Chief information officers (CIOs) and other leaders are encountering pressure to pivot and embrace these prevailing trends. In doing so, they are met with factors such as cost, data security, and regulatory compliance.

Windsor Group works hand in hand with insurance professionals to address these challenges by outsourcing key functions of the IT service delivery model.

Why Windsor Group?

With expertise in strategic sourcing, Windsor Group assists insurance organizations in evaluating and connecting with IT service vendors who align with their unique needs. Our tailored recommendations enable insurers to achieve greater operational and cost efficiencies while adopting the latest IT technologies. This empowers them to meet customer expectations, remain competitive, and thrive in an age of connected consumers.

What do our insurance clients have to say about working with Windsor Group?

“Our collaboration with Windsor Group has been a game-changer for our insurance company. Their expertise, dedication, and personalized approach have resulted in tangible and long-lasting benefits for our organization.”

Insurance company CIO

Reducing IT Operational Costs

One of the largest U.S. healthcare insurance providers turned to Windsor Group for support with a complex set of IT platforms and services, targeting operational cost cuts of at least 20%. Besides driving down expenses, the company also needed a more flexible, usage-based IT services model.

How Windsor Group Helped

Windsor Group’s recommendation of a deal-based data center acquisition — including an asset transfer of resources and technology — met critical regulatory constraints while reducing operational expenses far beyond the 20% objective. By switching to a more flexible IT service delivery model, the company has also achieved ongoing success.

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