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Producing Operational Synergies To Create Cost Efficiencies

Windsor Group excels in identifying opportunities for operational synergies — including streamlining processes and integrating innovative digital solutions — to drive manufacturing efficiency. By helping producers reconfigure traditional IT service models into agile, responsive assets, we unlock significant cost savings and enhance production capabilities.

Our strategic approach to IT advisory not only simplifies the complex manufacturing landscape but also helps producers redirect resources to areas that generate the most value. Our oversight enables global and domestic manufacturers to establish a foundation for sustainable growth and competitiveness.

Why Windsor Group?

Our comprehensive understanding of manufacturing sector challenges — combined with a track record of exceptional IT advisory — positions us to uniquely assess each manufacturer’s operational, financial, and strategic requirements. This approach ensures producers aren’t just adapting to the current technological evolution. Instead, they’re partnering with IT solutions providers who can help them anticipate and leverage future innovations for continued industry leadership.

What do our manufacturing clients have to say about working with the Windsor Group?

“Thanks to Windsor Group, we successfully leveraged technology to drive growth and remain competitive in the market. The impact of their work was profound. Our operations became more efficient, our decision-making process improved, and our customer satisfaction rates soared.”

Manufacturing CIO

Navigating Changing Data Requirements

A building materials manufacturer engaged Windsor Group on the heels of a major enterprise resource planning (ERP) transition. The company recently transitioned its ERP systems to a SaaS model, aiming to decrease infrastructure and operations (I&O) demands. But this shift led to increased internal IT service costs, necessitating a review of potential outsourced solutions for additional data center I&O support.

How Windsor Group Helped

Windsor Group solicited technical and operational feedback from the manufacturer’s IT staff while executing a thorough I&O review to strategically identify sourcing opportunities tailored to the company’s unique needs. The manufacturer eventually opted for an IT service provider who enhanced security and disaster recovery protocols while also curtailing fixed costs.

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